Wednesday, January 11, 2012

casual day turned upside down.

casual morning. woke up at 6:30. got in the shower. got ready. went to school.

casual day of school. went to first period. talked to friends. joked around. laughed. 

casual second period. came to learn psychology. laughed.

until that casual day was flipped upside down. 

I don't know who you are, but for some reason... i feel like i do. I wish i could have met you. I wish i could have met you before you took your own life this morning. When i heard the announcement from my teacher reading the horrifying news, i couldn't help but cry for you.

I couldn't stand the thought of what you must have felt... feeling SO alone to the point where living on and thinking of all you would have to face, gave you doubt and exhaustion. I couldn't help but think that you were surrounded by so many people yet.. you were so alone. I couldn't stand thinking of how you were so strong, to come this far, yet... going further then you've come overwhelmed you.

I can't do much, i probably couldn't have done anything knowing i never met or saw you. But i can pray for you.. What is my prayer you may ask?

my prayer.. is that if you never felt the love here on earth that you deserved... i pray that Heavenly Father will show it to you more than you could ever imagine possible. He loves you. Trust him. Everything will be okay. I promise. 

We have a mission. Heavenly Father has an incredible love for everyone of us, and it's THAT love that we need to help people see and most importantly, feel. Anything is possible.. with God. I hear that all the time and sometimes it comes in one ear and goes out the other - but think about it.. ANYTHING. if you are going through a trial, well... with God, we can get through it, it's absolutely possible. we may not know the outcome or how much strength will be expected of us... but if we hold to Him, He will give us that strength that we need, He will help you through with His love and in certain ways you never thought possible.

that fear overcame your faith... and that fear overcame you this morning.

I love you so much, whoever you are. and I guess from how i feel.. you could say... you've turned my casual day upside down...

Sincerely, Ashlyn


  1. This is saddening, but what you wrote is so beautiful

  2. you're such a good example ash.
    i love you.