Friday, December 27, 2013


When I stand next to someone about my height, there's often a competition of who is actually taller. We instantly stand back to back and find someone to be the judge of who is taller. I attempt to stretch every part of my body so I can be as tall as I can possibly be.
+ Why is it that only in that moment, that I try to stand my tallest? +
In every moment of our lives, we should should strive to stand a little taller. The famous words by President Hinckley say, “Let us stand a little taller, if you don't, you will never strengthen yourself.” How you stand taller is up to you to decide. Do not wait till the very moment that demands you to be your tallest. Stand tall now. 

Be better.
Be braver.
Be more. 
Be you.

   HERE GOES TO 2014 - a new and beautiful chapter to our lives.

Now that the year is coming to a close, we often reflect on the year and all the sweet memories it contained. For me, this year hasn't necessarily been a "big year" with huge milestone events that have changed my life for forever; but it it was full of simple/small yet incredible events that have changed me for the better. That is what has made my year "perfect." Sure, life could be dandier and brighter right now if it weren't for those certain trials, but that's what makes my life meaningful and all the more memorable! I am truly grateful for the trials I have experienced this year - without them, I wouldn't be the Ashlyn Ririe I am now. 

"Reach for the stars. If you touch them, great shall be your reward. If you stumble and fall while reaching upward, you will be happy knowing you have made the effort."
- President Gordon B. Hinckley -

Sincerely, Ashlyn

Monday, December 16, 2013


I should very well be studying for finals (the murderer of sanity) but there are obviously more enjoyable things to do at the moment. Such as, writing in my blog about the good things happening in life right now! 

At the beginning of our date, we were so confident that our house would dominate Chelsea and Spencer's house. Thomas and I were terribly wrong. The graham crackers kept breaking and the walls kept collapsing - nothing was working! We laughed our way through the ugly mess and I still smile about the memory. After we finished the not-so-good-looking "graham house," we grabbed a couple (like 30) fire crackers and put them on the inside of the house and blew it to smithereens! Brilliant idea if you ask me. The night went on as they always do but it was no ordinary night; this night was filled with laughs and smiles that i deem particularly special. 

I love downtown Salt Lake City in the winter time. The lights, the cold, the snow, the city sounds - everything about it makes me feel alive! Especially with a hot cup of cocoa from Kneaders in your hands. 

Speaking of Salt Lake City, I have some news! I decided to take a leave of absence from my current job (which i am terribly sad to leave) and schooling so I could work for an amazing company located in SLC! I couldn't be more thrilled for this new and exciting journey. It takes courage to take a step toward something new, to have the faith and courage in knowing that the choice you made is the right choice. But if this choice is something that will help me be a better person, then i need to set fear aside and take this chance. It's liberating to know that I can choose my journey and that I can be happy while doing it. 

+So today, I challenge you to liberate yourself and choose to be happy. It's a liberating experience that will take you places.  

Sincerely, Ashlyn