Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What made me smile

Once i allow stress to enter into my life, i tend to slip from the things that i am most passionate about and separate myself from the things that i adore most. Maybe it's just the talk of stress that ignites that negative stressful feeling. I am recognizing that even in my simple talk how much i have been complaining... "Hey Ashlyn! How are ya?" my usual reply, "I'm good! Tired and stressed... but I'm good!" Is life really that hard? Or am i giving life an excuse to be negative about all the difficult things life is thrusting upon me? 

Getting ready for school this morning was a struggle. I woke up late, couldn't find a shoe, my hair was a mess, acne at its finest, i was hungry, thoughts about people i care for were running through my head, I couldn't find my assignment that had to be turned in before class started, AH! I finally ran out the door into the cool morning breeze and instantly heard the song singing in my head...

Ere you left your room this morning,
Did you think to pray?
In the name of Christ our Savior,
Did you sue for loving favor,
As a shield today?
O how praying rests the weary! 
Prayer will change the night to day;
So when life seems dark and dreary,
Don't forget to pray.

At that particular moment, i couldn't help but smile a guilty smile. Sometimes i get so caught up in life that my desires become a higher priority than what God wants of me. As i walked to school, my heart rang full of gratitude. Gratitude for...

1. The sweet spirit my nieces and nephews have. Their innocence and purity is incredibly delightful. I wish they were my hangout buddies for the weekend nights; but unfortunately, they have a bedtime. 

2. My roommate Katelyn. There is never a dull moment when i am with her - no need for ab workouts when you have a roommate like Katelyn! I am always ALWAYS laughing. 

3. My friend Madeline for being so remarkably exemplifying of everything good in life. Madeline is one of those people you garner priceless wisdom from by just being in her presence. You have such a beautiful spirit Madeline, thank you for everything.

4.  All my siblings - each one of my siblings are so different; yet each bring unforgettable lessons to the table for me to feed on. I love them all so deeply. I am so grateful that we get to spend eternity together. 

5. My parents. I wouldn't be here without them. Literally. Their love for me is something I can't quite understand just yet. They have made countless sacrifices in their lives to give me every opportunity to become who i am supposed to be. I love you mom and dad:)

6. All the people who have gone out of their way to make my day "that" much better: 
- Michael: for bringing me soup and writing the nicest note on a rather very difficult day.
- That random girl who offered to give up her umbrella in the pouring rain. 
- That dude who went out of his way to tell me that i looked pure and beautiful on a day that i felt hideous.
- Tori: for being so strong throughout some of the hardest times a person could faced. I have looked up to you in so many ways! I love being with you - you make me so happy!!
- Anonymous: for writing me a happy note and slipping it into my backpack. Thank you for making me smile. :)
- Chelsea, Rachel... ALL my roommates for always listening to my stories and venting moments. You guys are the best people! I love you all so SO much!
- The girls i visit teach: you are such good reminders of service and the good in life. 
- Kevin: for always being interested in my welfare. You always want to listen.
- Devin: never has a day gone by where you haven't complimented me.
- Isabelle: for sending me the goofiest snapchats every day - if only you knew how happy these make me!

it goes on....

Once i start to consider the blessings, i realize how selfish of me it is to dwell on how hard life can be. There is always something to be grateful for. Do not use trials as an excuse to be negative - it will only drag you down - there is happiness even in the darkest of times.

Consider the good in life. I triple-dog dare you. 

Sincerely, Ashlyn

Thursday, September 19, 2013

S/O to all you single ladies and gents

Well, the single life definitely has it's ups and downs. Here are a couple of things that are happening for me because of my "FB official" relationship status: S.I.N.G.L.E. 
my undid hair and my last T-shirt. 

1) Calling my mom a little too often. 
2)  Being capable to spend a lot of time teaching myself Italian - a language that i may never use.
3) Making special meals every night thinking, "my husband will looooove me!"
4) Running out of clean pajamas before real clothing.

We all know the cliche things people say to the single life: "there are plenty of fish out in the sea," "you deserved better anyways!" "How are YOU single?!" "Your time will come!" etc. Where i roll my eyes to any of these typical comments because of how sympathetic they are (sarcasm), i truly think being single can be a blessing in disguise. I'm not saying that being single is better than being in a relationship; but while your single, you need to grow the most you possibly can! Being single is NOT merely about preparing for a relationship. At the end of the day whether you are single, in a relationship, or married - it's all about being the best person you can possibly be. Relationships are about both people bringing their best selves to the table so that together, great and marvelous things can happen. 

Anyways, that's just something i felt like writing. Because... i definitely have the time. Have a happy day because guess why?! I'M going to and that's because I'm single and I'm single because... becuase.. hmm. 

Sincerely, Ashlyn

Friday, September 6, 2013

My interesting "run-in's" the last couple of days.

My girls are back from Texas and i get
to babysit them again!:)
Today as i was walking to class on BYU campus, a tap on my shoulder caught me by surprise. I turned around to find a rather attractive man smiling and greeting me by saying his name and asking me how i am doing. After saying how wonderful i was he said, "So, on a scale from one to ten, can i have your number?" I probably looked like a deer with headlights in my eyes trying to figure out what exactly he was asking. I laughed to break the silence and then said, "eight!" and walked off. While walking back to my apartment i kept repeating his question in my head... "on a scale.. can i have your number..." it still doesn't make sense to me.

I made my usual thursday run to the Farmer's market to get some delicious fresh produce (i bought a garbage bag full of basil - i like basil - can you tell?). As i was walking past the booths, someone ran behind me and pinched my bum. I screamed in startlement due to the fact that i was not expecting my bum to be pinched in the middle of a farmers market. I turned to see who it was and once we caught eye contact, his face went white. He said, "oh... my.. gosh... i am so sorry - i could have sworn you were..." awkward pause "well, i gotta go - have a nice day!" I couldnt help but feel so embarrassed for the guy.

Making dream catchers >>
One of the things i do for my job is manage over the system that the employee's clock-in/out of. Today an employee came to my office and informed me that she didn't receive her paycheck for the last pay period. I looked her up in the computer to see what the problem was. Looking at her hours i noticed that she didn't even work the last pay period. I turned to her and said, "As much as we would love to pay you, we can't if you didn't work - i have no recorded hours for you." She thought for a second and then says, "oh ya, i forgot! haha! I didnt even work! Thanks!" she jumps out of the chair and walks out. #letsthinkforasecond

My friend chelsea and I were walking along a stream near campus and saw some ducks. I scrimmaged through my Mary Poppin's bag hoping that bread would magically appear. To my best luck, i came across a fruit snack. AHA! I threw a fruit snack to one of the ducks and it picked it up in its mouth to soon be eaten. But, to our amusement, the duck couldn't chew/swallow the fruit snack. It's head was spazzing out as it attempted to chew down the fruit snack. Chelsea and i began laughing hysterically (it was one of those days where laughter came easy - obviously). Two guys walking by stopped and stared at us wondering what we were on. It's not everyday you cross by two college girls pointing and laughing at, what appears to be, choking ducks. End of story? the four of us are good friends now:)

With my new memory foam mattress pad and romantic lighting, my roommates and i can finally have spooning parties.
 Sincerely, Ashlyn