Wednesday, November 16, 2011

a friend worth noting.

(we even have the same middle name!)

Lets just say that Madeline, is my inspiration. She is always there to help me and she is ALWAYS there to make sure i am happy. 

Last week i was feeling so sick - Madeline calls me offering anything she could do to make my sickness more at ease. When i walked in her house, her family cried out "Ashlyn's here, everyone quite!!" - she even had her family keep quite so i could be more relaxed:) she made me hot chocolate, she set up a movie for me, she gave me a popsicle, she listened to me when i complained about my pain. This isn't just this week... this is every week and day where she makes sure that I'm doing okay... its something i need. She is my friend... my best friend. 

When Madeline an I were about 8 years old, we would make promises to each other to play the next day. When it became obvious that we were playing with each other every day anyways.... we ended up promising to play with each other every day for the rest of our lives... 
i would say.. we are pretty close. 

When i was shaking on the floor about to go to the hospital, Madeline held my hand through it all. When i cleared my mind and realized what was going on, i turned to the paramedic and told him that i can't leave her... she's my sister. she has to come to the hospital with me. 

Madeline helps me remember who i am when i have forgotten. I come to her for advice because i know she will tell me the truth... the truth i can't get myself to admit. Madeline helps me with everything; homework, family, friends, boys, when I'm sick, cleans my room and car when its a total disaster, if i miss school - she goes to my classes to get all the work i missed without me asking, she wants me to come with her to a friends house even though i don't know anyone there (awkward, but hey.. it means a lot), I'll ask her if i look okay and she's honest.. she does everything for me and asks for nothing in return. I could never ask for someone better. I sometimes wonder where i would be without her. I will go to Madeline for help almost everyday and i know i can count on her for the right advice - she is so close to the Spirit and she knows whats right and wrong and isn't afraid to stand up for her standards and what she believes in.  

Thank you Madeline... for everything.

Sincerely, Ashlyn