Thursday, June 27, 2013


currently, i am:

loving: the art of typography. It's the way we advertise, be creative, and convey messages. Although, if you are a perfectionist like me, then you must know typography requires patience.

reading: The Arists Way. Such a rewarding and life changing book. It's similar to a 12-week weight-loss program but more of a 12-week program to get rid of anger, jealousy, addictions, guilt, and all those unpleasant things and to replace those with your original creativity and productivity. Loving every bit of it.

watching: the Bill Cosby Show. My family and I watch at least one episode a week!

listening to: so many different artists it's unreal. I always love finding a band that i enjoy listening to that has less than 100 followers (relatively speaking) - they're unique, original, and real. I feel rebellious by not listening to the top ten on iTunes. Creating and finding my own top ten is more adventurous and enjoyable rather than partaking of the fruit at gratification. Catch my drift?

playing: the piano and ukulele. i taught myself to play the piano when i was six and still play to this day. I use my right hand and my nub. It's totally awesome. I started to teach myself to play the ukulele about two months ago! Music is my passion.

learning: how to take pictures with a film camera. I got a Nikon FE with a Nikkor Nikon AF-S 50mm f/1.4G lens. It will take me a while to let my creaivity free with it because the camera is a manual (much to learn). I wish i could emphasize the excitment when i say: I AM SO EXCITED!!!! I want to take pictures all day every day - but unlike digital cameras, it costs money for every picture you take. I don't care, i still love it.

working on: a leather strap for my camera, two skirts, jewelry, and shorts. My hands are busy.

overcoming: anxiety. But do not fear, life is just so perfect otherwise:)

This is my life in a nutshell at the moment. Tadda!

Sincerely, Ashlyn