Wednesday, July 17, 2013

first official photoshoot

Today I got to play around with film and digital. Chelsea Clayton was willing to be the guinea pig I tested on and thankfully, the experiment was a success! She did perfect! I on the other hand have quite a ways to go.

For those that read my blog, i would love feedback! Yes or no? What could i do better? I'm sure if you say something that a golden star with befall upon you (most likely imaginary) or i might make you cookies (would also most likely be imaginary).

Sincerely, Ashlyn

my quirks and whims

I can never say the word "rural" wihout mumbling it real fast to pretend like i can. I don't know who came up with that word but who ever did must have been weird.

I can't sleep with pajama pants. I just can't.

Marshmallows are ALWAYS eaten last when my cereal bowl is filled with Lucky Charms. Whenever a marshmallow decides to sneak onto my spoon and i eat it, my luck for the day vanishes - somehow. It's that serious.

Singing in the shower is a must.

I love the feel of books in my arms. There is something magical about books.

Random life event: The other day i woke up to two large red bumps on my legs - a bit worried, i showed my mom. My mom looked at them for a second and then fear flooded her face; her eyes widened, jaw dropped and then she ran away screaming: "I know what you have!! Don't come near me!!" - So, what you're saying is... im dying right? At first i thought she was serious. Then i heard giggles from the distance. Oh mother.

For some reason, scrambled eggs make me want to throw up. I love food, heck, i love food! But, eggs? No thank you.

I love high heels. I could wear them all day every day. Well, not really.. but if my feet were invincible to pain then i would.

Whenever i am full from a meal i always say "Im so stuffed!" - People look at me funny as if im referring to the stuffing you eat at Thanksgiving.

Sometimes i forget that i dont have fingers on my left hand. My first thought is "oh.. this is awkward."

Sincerely, Ashlyn

Monday, July 1, 2013

puzzle pieces.

my thought for the day

Our lives are one big puzzle that takes a lifetime to put together. They can be confusing, frustrating, rewarding, challenging, and exciting. This isn't your average 1000 piece puzzle but rather a puzzle that gets bigger and bigger each and every day. A piece could include that moment you laughed hysterically with your friends or that moment you cried alone in your room... no matter what the situation, it is a piece that will fit together with the bigger picture that we can't see or understand at the moment; there are still pieces out there that need to be made in order to create the "bigger picture."

Puzzles require patience. They require time. They require work.

"Don't you quit. You keep walking. You keep trying. There is help and happiness ahead. Some blessings come soon, some come late, and some don't come until heaven. but for those who embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ, they come. It will be alright in the end. Trust God an believe in good things to come." - Elder Jeffrey R Holland

I know for a fact that the future can be blurry and difficult to understand, but one day it will all make sense. Your puzzle that might seem confusing and difficult will be but a short moment; so DONT you quit. You can do this. You were made to do hard things.

Sincerely, Ashlyn