Wednesday, July 17, 2013

my quirks and whims

I can never say the word "rural" wihout mumbling it real fast to pretend like i can. I don't know who came up with that word but who ever did must have been weird.

I can't sleep with pajama pants. I just can't.

Marshmallows are ALWAYS eaten last when my cereal bowl is filled with Lucky Charms. Whenever a marshmallow decides to sneak onto my spoon and i eat it, my luck for the day vanishes - somehow. It's that serious.

Singing in the shower is a must.

I love the feel of books in my arms. There is something magical about books.

Random life event: The other day i woke up to two large red bumps on my legs - a bit worried, i showed my mom. My mom looked at them for a second and then fear flooded her face; her eyes widened, jaw dropped and then she ran away screaming: "I know what you have!! Don't come near me!!" - So, what you're saying is... im dying right? At first i thought she was serious. Then i heard giggles from the distance. Oh mother.

For some reason, scrambled eggs make me want to throw up. I love food, heck, i love food! But, eggs? No thank you.

I love high heels. I could wear them all day every day. Well, not really.. but if my feet were invincible to pain then i would.

Whenever i am full from a meal i always say "Im so stuffed!" - People look at me funny as if im referring to the stuffing you eat at Thanksgiving.

Sometimes i forget that i dont have fingers on my left hand. My first thought is "oh.. this is awkward."

Sincerely, Ashlyn

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  1. I totally forget about my hand sometimes too, just for the record.

    Also Ashlyn hi! I stumbled across your blog awhile ago and at first felt stupid to say anything but then I figured heck why not, I love your blog and I thought I'd let you know! haha really though keep writing, I love hearing your thoughts. Oh and for the record I can't sleep with pajama pants on either. Big T-shirts for the win!