Monday, January 9, 2012

what to do when you're sick.

i woke up on saturday with a high fever (102 to be exact). Ever since that unpleasant morning.. I've been keeping myself busy with sad activities, and when i say sad, i mean pointless.

1. I wrote a letter to my sickness (Fevero i call him). It actually felt really good. You know how there is that ONE person that gets on your nerves and people tell you to write out your frustration on a paper? well... i did that.. odd? nah:)

2. Sleep. oh. this was nice

3. Take ugly pictures of yourself. You know you don't look good when you're sick.. so be proud of it, be vain and take model shots i mean, isn't that what models look like now'a days?

4. hmm.. this is all i did over the weekend while i was sick.. i can't think of anything else.

Sincerely, Ashlyn


  1. Haha this is great :) Hopefully Fevero makes his visit a short one