Saturday, August 27, 2011

best non-productive night ever!

Well, tonight started out really boring because Madeline was at work so i had nothing to do or no one to party with. So i called trevor! I went over to his house and this is what we did.

1. We sat on his front lawn pretending we were drunk.
2. Jumped on his tramp and talked about absolutely nothing of importance.
3. Pretended like we were 4 year olds in love in his tree house. Talked about kissing of coarse! (who knows what happened there!)
4. Saw a fire! So we drove up there and found out that it was some teenagers doing fireworks and started a fire.
5. Parked the car on the side of the road far from traffic near the fire and screamed a deathly scream as a fire truck came right at us... Scariest thing of my life.
6. Drove around state street to find ideas of what to do. Failed.
7. Found a park to run around on hoping it would start raining... failed. Ended up having grass fights and then just laying on the grass next to each other lightning gazing and screaming over every lightning that happened.
8. Ran for our lives back to my car because there was a man just standing in the middle of the baseball field looking at us. SCARY and CREEPY!
9. Drove home with blasting music and pulled over immediately to dance in the rain! :) we got drenched.
10. Freaked out about the rain and lightning and thunder and everything - we got hyper!
11. Went to his house for food but decided to take pictures in a bathtub as if i were dead.
12. Sat at his counter talking about our lives...
13... Said goodbyes.
best night:)
I'm watching you...

So it sounds like a pretty non-productive night right? well, its one of those nights that you can't stop smiling about because of how pathetically FUN it was:) oh life is good ill tell ya that much!

Sincerely, Ashlyn

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  1. soooo cute ash! that sounds like it was a lot of fun!! :) :)