Thursday, June 12, 2014


6 years ago
Blood samples were taken and the results came back. I have Hypothyroidism. Nothing too serious - considering the symptoms I had were thin hair, sensitivity to cold temperatures, constant exhaustion, moodiness, dry skin, and irregular and incredibly painful menstruation (sorry, men). This is where my monthly visits to the pharmacy began. 

3 years ago 
We changed doctors due to insurance changes. We went to my new doctor to get a regular check up - more blood tests! Not even thinking that I had serious health problems, my doctor called us back into his office to discuss my results. He told my that I had Hashimoto's - an autoimmune disease that I will always have lingering inside my body. He then addressed that my adrenal glands were failing, my kidneys weren't functioning properly, my immune system was barely working, my blood pressure was abnormally low, and that was highly allergic to gluten and dairy. I walked out of the doctor's office feeling like I just heard the "you only have two years to live" news! The next day, I woke up to 16 different medications decorating my nightstand. 

For two months after starting the pills, each day felt like a battle to get up and live - I felt like I was enduring life just because of health. I was tired, depressed, couldn't eat what i wanted (gluten and dairy), my appetite was nonexistent, and anxiety attacks here and there. A trip to the ER was a call for change. I listened to my body and decided to go off the pills that seemed to make me worse than better. We decided to see a different doctor that we trusted (even though he wasn't on our insurance) to find some solid answers. After multiple blood tests were taken, the results came back along with some relieving news. He had now idea where my previous doctor came up with the results of failing kidneys, adrenal glands.. etc. The only thing he confirmed was my Hashimoto's. I will take Hashimotos over failing kidneys and adrenal glands any day!

Ever since then...
Hashimoto's didn't seem like an entirely big deal to me a couple years ago. I was told that it was just something that i will have to deal with - not much you can do about it. I was still experiencing my typical symptoms with hypothyroidism and to be honest - I've never been able to imagine differently. A life where I'm not tired, clear skin, regular and pain free periods, thick hair, always cheerful, the ability to not have a foggy mind, ill-free - that's just not who I am. What did I do about it? Nothing. I didn't care enough to make a change and that was my problem. 

So, here I am wanting change. A change for a better lifestyle. A change for a better me to realize the importance of bodies and our responsibility to take care of them. To come to know that I am beautiful in the imperfect body my soul lives in. I know that I cannot become perfect or obtain a perfect body in this life; but, i do believe that I have every responsibility and expectation to do the best i can. 

Cheers to a better lifestyle - a better me. My personal tale and journey of a fight against Hashimoto's.

Sincerely, Ashlyn


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    1. Thank you cass!! I miss seeing your beautiful face! I hope everything in life is going well:)

  2. this is awesome. health is a hard thing, i love your blog!

    1. Thanks for sharing your blog link. I read some of your posts and i am so touched! You are an incredible writer and have so much potential. Keep going strong my friend!:)

  3. My husband has hashimotos, and it can really e such a hard thing to deal with. With the right daily medication though, he's been much happier and energetic. He wrties apps and is currently working with the head doctor for intermountain health care for a few mecidal apps. When my husband told him of his condition he felt his neck and immediately said he wasn't on the right medication. He prescribed him one pill a day and he's the best he's ever been. Its amazing what the right doctor can do. Keep fighting girl. You are great!