Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Buying a new lens is kind of exciting. It's like buying a new paintbrush and you can't help but wonder about all the exciting adventures and creations you will encounter. So here is me with my new lens:

I was originally thinking of purchasing the 50mm 1.4 because of how amazing it is (at least that's what all the reviews said). My heart was set on the lens and i couldn't wait to buy it once enough money was set aside. About two weeks ago, my sister and I were taking pictures at a wedding and I mentioned to her my plans for purchasing a new lens. She looked at me and and said, "you know the 50mm 1.8 is just as good as the 1.4, right?" I looked at her and said.. "ha, ya.. whatever." Once I got home to my apartment I threw open my laptop and began researching comparison reviews. Sure enough, the 1.8 came out on top. So here I am with a new lens, a couple hundred bucks richer, and happy as a clam.

I am not a professional photographer by any means or even skilled at taking pictures. But I love it. I love taking pictures because it gives me the opportunity to capture moments in a creative way and to expand my way of seeing things. I'm reading and watching video's daily and practicing taking photos as much as I can so that I can one day be the photographer I dream to be.

I love the smell of my home - it makes me feel safe and secure. I love walking through the door and having my dog Winston (I call him Winnie) run up to me with his whole body twisting and turning with excitement. I love the giggles and laughs that ring throughout every room and hallway. I love my home because of the people that fill it.

Trying to get Lincoln to cross his eyes. That face though...

My dearest mama cooking her famous oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

One of my favorites..

Freshly cut chocolate. Is that even a thing?

Whenever my mom is waiting for something to be done in the oven, she will spin the hot pad in the air. It's small memories like this i like to capture. They make me smile.

Playing through the glass door.

What makes a house a HOME to you?

Sincerely, Ashlyn


  1. Having recently become married, I don't have the traditions or same dynamics that existed in my home growing up. I love being home with my wife though because its a space we know is ours, is safe, and we can be ourselves in.

    Very nice blog post by the way, Ashlyn. I hope you're doing well.

    1. I really like what you said... sometimes it's the small things that makes the biggest difference in your home! I hope you and your wife are doing well! I miss BYU Broadcasting!

  2. No wayyyy. I also JUST got a new lens.
    What is happening.