Monday, September 26, 2011

now im here.

funny how fast life comes at you.. isn't it?

It's as if two days ago it was my first day of Seventh grade where I walked into the Junior High with LOCKERS and, oh.. BOYS!..

Its as if yesterday i got my drivers license! - i grabbed the car keys as soon as i got home from the Driving Department and ran out to my car, turned it on, drove off, and blasted my music with the windows rolled down and enjoyed my life to its fullest form...

Now I'm here.

Lots has happened since "yesterday," the day i got my license... heartbreak and sorrow, awards, student council, going to the hospital, health complications, a taste of lasting pure happiness.. I've had it all. 

But, now I'm here.. 

I feel too young to be writing a missionary. I feel too young to be applying to the college that i know I'm going to get in to. I feel too young to be looking for apartments in a whole different state. I feel to young to have been asked by a 22 year old man, to kiss me and for me to have to reject him... I feel to young for anything because now I'm here realizing that life is completely turning upside down into its reality form and it won't change back. I cant go back - its not what i want. I want a new life, a new me! 

because... now I'm here.. with anywhere and everywhere to go - but the past..

Sincerely, Ashlyn

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  1. we're here, it can be scary, but embrace it- this year, is the one we'll remember the rest of our lives. soak it in!!! you're going to do great things Ashlyn Ririe. I love you.